The Endo Hope Study is the first of its kind…

…to investigate the common remission factors of Endometriosis in one study. Analysing all possible factors from the fields of medical, surgical, pharmaceutical, nutritional, physical movement, psychological, alternative healing and alternative therapies. Working to harness the collective wisdom of the Endometriosis crowd to discover the answers.

Did you know?

Endometriosis effects 1 in 10 women around the world. It is reported in the top 20 most painful conditions a person can experience. It takes between 7-10 years on average to be diagnosed. There is no know reported cure in the medical or academic literature. The vast majority of Endometriosis research focuses on surgical, hormonal and pharmaceutical solutions for the symptom management of the disease.

Yet… no one is researching the 1000’s of cases reported by women who have put their Endometriosis into remission. There are many theories as to why womens voices have not been heard, which the research will explore and publish in its first book ‘Reclaiming Our Wombs – A History of Endometriosis and Why Womens Healthcare Needs to Change’ – See Kickstarter page to order yours and support the Endo Hope Study. Click here >>>

The Endo Hope Study aims to…

1) Investigate the common healing factors of Endometriosis by harnessing the collective wisdom of the Endometriosis crowd.

2) Give voice and validation to the women’s cases of Endometriosis remission.

3) Share the common Endometriosis remission healing factors with the world.

Ways you can support & get involved

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